Welcome to, All Wound Up

Welcome to, All Wound Up

Welcome to no-judgement yarn blog.  This is a safe place to talk about everything yarn, from the softest to the strongest.

It will be adventure into yarn creativity, knitting and crochet.  Sometimes though we get overwhelmed with all the yarn and pattern choices, I do. I get lost of Ravelry parading through post after post; and don’t get me started on Pinterest!  Talk about falling down the rabbit hole; and that is what we do, slide right down into a p lace of indecision about everything.  I would love to have clarity about my yarn and what pattern I want to dedicate the next month to.

I get overwhelmed with how little time I seem to find to knit.  I swear time shrinks whenever my needles escape from my bag.  Then when I make a mistake, for the third time and tink it all out, it’s last call for our dogs and the day is over.  I see how little I really got done and od get discouraged.  Am I that slow?  both speed and brain power?

I take a deep breath and realize that tomorrow is coming and sometimes the sun just shines brighter for me.  That and coffee, always coffee.

So welcome to my slightly clumsy, awkward and  off count site.  I will share my struggles with you as well as my accomplishments.  We can build one another up and be friends, I like that a lot.


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